28 Mar

Helping Uncover Your Financial Dreams


Posted by: Allison Schop

As a Mortgage Professional, part of my job is to help clients find the lowest rate on your mortgage. However the most rewarding part of what I do is uncovering client’s financial dreams! Often clients feel like they are living on a hamster wheel, work-payday-mortgage&debtpayments-work-payday-debt payments again and so the cycle goes.

Uncovering where your clients wants to go financially and the milestones that are important for them to reach is the most value offering. For some, this may be a life long dream of owning an investment property, while for others this could be growing a retirement fund large enough to support 3 months in the hot sun every winter for 20 years of later life. Perhaps, your personal goal is to cover tuition costs for your kids so they can attend post secondary education without a financial burden. Everyone’s financial goals are personal and carry different weightings to one another.

Onto the plan, now that we have uncovered your specific financial goals, we need to create a personalized plan. Having a plan motivates you to work harder and strive for greater success as you know the direct impact your efforts make to your finances. With the help of a mortgage professional, we develop specific strategies and targets to monitor and inform you of your progress. Having a plan not only encourages success, but also creates piece of mind. You feel at ease knowing you will reach your goals!

Talk to your Dominion Lending Mortgage Professional to uncover your financial dreams and collaborate a plan to reach them!